Birds-Eye-View: A Fantastic Game for All Size Groups

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Got a crowd of 8-1,000 teenages who want to play a game but don’t have any props, items, or set up time?

No problem.

Birds’ Eye View is a no set-up, no clean-up, no real preparation game for medium to humongous side crowds.

Start by dividing up into equal teams. You can get away with as little as 4, but I’ve found that groups of 6-8 usually work best.

Once the groups are formed, the person in charge of the game (whether that is you or another adult or even a few youth) calls out anything that comes to mind. Each group then has 20 seconds to make that object using their bodies (no props allowed) with these rules:

  • The group must make the object by lying down on the ground and forming the shape of the object using their bodies. REMEMBER: the game is called “Birds’ Eye View” so the object must be recognizable as if a bird is looking down at it from the sky.
  • Everyone in the group must be used in some capacity to form the object.

After 20 seconds, the person in charge of the game (or a group of volunteers) goes around the room or field and considers each group’s creation. Which one is the most accurate? Which one is the most creative? Etc. A winning group is declared each round, and in my experience, the competition and creativity grows with each and every round.

To keep the game going, increase the difficulty each round.

Easy things to make:

  • A circle
  • The number 4
  • A banana
  • A chair

Medium things to make:

  • A palm tree with coconuts
  • A stick figure
  • A church
  • A bike

Difficult things to make:

  • A running horse
  • A fire hydrant
  • A campfire
  • A cat’s face

To make things even more interesting, we always end on a “Challenge Round”. For this final round, we divide into two large teams (boys v girls or middle school v high school work well). Each team is given a minute or two to think of an object. After the minute is up, each team challenges the other to make their final object. We’ve had some crazy challenges – a guitar and amplifier, the TARDIS, Zooboomafoo, a panda bear, or even the youth minister.

So much fun with so little prep!


Bill is an ordained Deacon in the South Georgia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. He obtained a MDiv from Candler School of Theology with an emphasis on Biblical Interpretation and Religion in the Academy. He spends most of his time watching Netflix with his wife Lindsey and his daughter Arden. Bill currently serves as the Associate Pastor at Mulberry Street UMC in Macon, GA where the majority of his duties center on youth and intergenerational ministries and seeks to help people move from spiritual baby food to solid food.