Seedbed resources have been sown far and wide, landing in the hands of many bloggers and book reviewers. A number of these reviews can be found here. If you’re a writer interested in reviewing a Seedbed book, please email micah.smith(at)

Seedbed Publishing

Visiting a New Wesleyan Media Resource HQs – Juicy Ecumenicism

The Class Meeting – Kevin Watson

Book Look: The Class Meeting – Andrew Thompson
Being Vital by Recovering a Lost Practice – United Methodist Reporter
A Nicotine Patch for Curriculum Addiction: The Class Meeting – YouthWorker Movement
The Small Group You Have Always Wanted –
Review of Watson’s The Class Meeting –
The Class Meeting and Disciple Making Movements – Disciple Making In The Historic Church Blog
The Class Meeting by Kevin Watson – Chad Brooks

Making Manifest – Dave Harrity

My Month of Making Manifest – April Yamasaki
Resources for creative practice as spiritual formation – Key Resources
Writing Toward What We Will Become: A Conversation on Making Manifest – Art House America
Slowly Creating Well: A Featured Review of Making Manifest – Engelwood Review of Books
Exploring the Christian Imagination – Books and Culture
Book Response: Making Manifest by Dave Harrity – Sojourn Arts and Culture
Dave Harrity Interview – Sojourn Arts and Culture
Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest – Adele Konyndyk
Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest – Faith, Fiction, Friends
BOOK REVIEW: Dave Harrity’s Making Manifest By Glynn Young – Sandra Heska King
40 Words of Lent 2014: Day 30 – Sandra Heska King

Your Best Move – Bob Kaylor

Your Best Move by Robert Kaylor – Practical Theology in the Wesleyan Spirit
Book Review: Guide to Pastoral Transition Can Help Clergy and Laity Alike – The Arkansas Conference
Changes in lead pastor – Part 1: The Announcement and the Current Lead Pastor –
Changes in lead pastor – Part 2: Saying Hello to a New Lead Pastor –

God Is Friendship – Brian Edgar

God Is Friendship Review (Page 23-24) – Zadok Perspectives, a publications of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society
Love is Mateship: Review of God is Friendship – Bible Society
Christians: Friends of God in Life, Church and Culture – Dan Brennan
What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Carolyn Moore
No More Servant Leaders – Englewood Review of Books (p. 36)
Books and Culture Podcast (last fourth of podcast)
Evangelical Review of Theology

Homosexuality and the Church

Book Review: Homosexuality and the Church – Good News Magazine

About Abortion – James Heidinger II

New Methodist Pro-Life Resource – Juicy Ecumenicism

Shaping Their Future – Guy Chmieleski

Shaping Their Future: A Blog Review – Zack’s Blog

Seeing Black and White in a Gray World – Bill T. Arnold

Review: Seeing Black and White in a Gray World – Pastor Mack
On homosexuality, the future of the United Methodist Church, and Adam Hamilton – An Interview with Dr. Bill Arnold – Teddy Ray
Why Seeing Black and White is Needed (maybe more needed than Bill Arnold thinks) [pt. I] – Teddy Ray 

Rhythms of Restoration

Clay to Life – Becky Dunlap

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