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In the 21st episode of the Threshing Floor, our hosts talk about the personal effects of season of life and seasons of ministry. Also included are the usual lighthearted conversations—this time about the new Mad Max Fury Road Trailer and post-apocalyptic stories.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor our hosts tackle the issue of atonement and why this doctrine matters in our world. They also talk about contextualization, communion, and Middle Eastern food in Central Kentucky.

The Threshing Floor boys are back this week after a brief hiatus for VBS. During this episode they discuss evangelism, both their hangups with it and the reasons why they believe its a critical task for the Church and the Christian life.

In show number 18, hosts Joshua and Drew talk deeply about the sacramental life and share nostalgic stories. They also speculate that the real reason Chad Brooks is missing is because he may have found Bigfoot.

In the 17th episode of The Threshing Floor Podcast, Drew, Joshua and Chad talk about call. What does it mean to live out a called life, and what exactly is the called life? Does it belong to everyone or just those in ministry?

In this episode of the Threshing Floor Podcast, host Joshua Toepper shares about his recent trip to Rome and the hosts talk about the role of pilgrimage. They also discuss the role of subcultures and how groups of people learn to anchor themselves in the larger story of what God is doing.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor, our hosts share their experiences with family dynamics in ministry. We talk about what it is like to be in ministry as single people, married with no children and married with kids.

In the midst of the glorious (and Lent breaking) reality of the AM Crunchwrap, our hosts find the time to talk about the recent movie Noah. They share a conversation about Biblical narrative, the nature of God and the interior human struggle of the Biblical Story. We also lament the loss of a childhood hero for two of the hosts and talk about the spring of super Jesus movies.

Have you ever wondered if the world self destructs with only two people on The Threshing Floor? Well, you can relax, nothing bad happens. Joshua and Chad lead this episode talking about leadership, connection and influence. Joshua interviews Rev. Steve Wood, Senior Pastor of Mt. Pisgah UMC in the greater Atlanta area. Steve talks about self leadership, leading congregations and the upcoming Large Church Initiative conference.

In this episode of The Threshing Floor our hosts get back to the basics of our relationship with a conversation on worship design. Drew interviews the Rev. Dr. Constance Cherry. In their conversation, Dr. Cherry shares about several topics: the centrality of Christ in worship, the rhythm of Eucharist and understanding worship as an appointment with God.

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