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Looking for good Pentecost worship songs? We have our favorites for you from our Worship Design Collective, right here!

In remembrance of the coming of the Holy Spirit and the church's birth at Pentecost, Lo the Poet offers this reading of Acts 2:14-41.

Justin Morgan shares the worship plan from his recent Pentecost Sunday worship service.

How exactly does liturgy form us, and how might the adoption of the Christian calendar help disciple us in the image of Christ? Watch this video interview with Marty Reardon as he explains a critical element of worship design.

Those green paraments sure do get a lot of use! Emily Vermilya tells us why "ordinary time" doesn't have to be, well, ordinary!

We are now in the "Dog Days" of summer. Bob Kaylor shares that these slow, hot days may be God's design for a seasonal Sabbath.

Do you want to make the most of your days? A good day planner may help! Ben Snyder offers a review of a liturgical day planner that is helps you structure your days for the sake of spiritual and practical transformation!

Nobody likes to wait, but sometimes that is exactly what we need. JD Walt shares wisdom about Advent and anticipation.

Does the phrase, "Happy Holidays" carry meaning for you? JD Walt shares how a shift from a holidays mindset to a holy days mindset can completely change your Advent season and possibly your life.

Do you really know the significance of Advent? Matthew Sigler shares why Advent is a part of the church calendar you should not skip over.

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