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There are many different opinions about the digital world, but the truth is that it can be an amazing mission field. Samuel Ahn shares some ideas on digital ministry.

Branding your church plant can be so much more than just a cheap gimmick. Cory Doiron shares why he loves branding churches and how it can be crucial to staying true to our mission.

Have you found yourself operating with an old system of management that is no longer working in ministry? David King shares wisdom on making transition to a new system of management that fits changes in worldview and culture.

Justin Snider discusses paperwork in ministry.

James Evans shares how it is crucial for the church to engage modern technological opportunities.

Becoming more agile as a congregation may increase your productivity and make your church more effective for the kingdom of God. Read more from Ed Jaramillo as he discusses an important leadership principle.

We are all tasked with making disciples, but what practical steps is your congregation taking in order to fulfill that calling in the other 159 hours of the week? Ryan Korstange shares some questions to ask yourself that will get you going in the right direction.

In just over a week, 864 delegates from around the world are gathering in Portland, Oregon, for the quadrennial legislative meeting of the United Methodist...

What can Wesleyanism learn from Taylor Swift and Ryan Adams? Chad Brooks offers up wisdom he found in watching the production of groundbreaking pop music.

How can we respond during times of deep tragedy, such as the recent news of Robin Williams' death? Aaron Perry suggests that the portrait we have of Jeremiah the prophet—capturing the complexity of injury and morality, joy and despair—offers a corrective to the common way of handling difficult events.

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