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If you are like me, you have probably had a bad small group experience at least once in your life. It’s not enough to just know what good small groups are, but we also need to know what they are not. This article takes a look at five things small groups aren't.

Our model has always been discipleship through small groups. What we have failed to emphasize is the sense of apprenticeship in the nature of Christlikeness. We have over-emphasized studies and under-emphasized the spiritual spadework of healing, accountability, spiritual disciplines, and authentic spiritual conversation.

I once heard a metaphor about the old west that certainly applied to my church planting experiences. Without pioneers there would be no expansion and without settlers there would be no strength of community.

Every church plant needs a discipleship strategy. It is non-negotiable. Before you draw up a marketing plan, search for a venue, or dream about aesthetics and stage design, beg and plead for God to call and shape disciples.

Networking is the art of meeting new people to expand the knowledge of your brand and show you care about your community. It is not just to meet new people to invite to your church.

Once we are followers of Christ, the Lord continues to stretch us, grow us, challenge us, and guide us, all in the goal of making us more like Jesus. God is in the life-changing business.

New church starts often balance the need to gain visibility within their community with limited resources. It was no different for our church. How does one get the word out without breaking the bank?

For a church plant to be healthy and grow, it must develop an intentional and natural process for making disciples. For many new churches, the back door is as big as their front door.

Most of my big mistakes have happened because I got so desperate to see some movement that I couldn’t wait on the Lord. But waiting on the Lord is 90% of church planting.

Two insights I gained recently from Lincoln’s life may well encourage you in your church planting endeavors. They have me.

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