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So, it is clear to me that Caucasian people groups in the United States (and, indeed, wherever these groups are found) represent the fastest growing mission field in the world.

The scriptures mark out a path that guides and leads us to God’s future. In our day, as we sense acutely the new challenges presented to the work of the gospel, followers of Jesus must hold to the practice of faithfulness to God’s word as a key habit to cultivate and embody that life. Such a way of life will serve as the fuel for revitalizing existing communities of faith and for the launching of new ones.

As a church-lover, researcher, and practitioner, I offer four church planting organizations and two church plants you simply need to know. These church planting organizations are getting it done with creative and consistent means. They each offer distinct contributions to the field of church planting.

In my youth group "club," everyone was very familiar with everyone else, which felt great. We had certain things we talked about, and we were always on the same wavelength. But what about the people who were not a part of the club? They probably thought we were a little weird. Instead of being the grand poobah of a club, I encourage you to be a facilitator of the greatest movement the world has ever known.

Wesleyans and Methodists were some of the very early successful church planters in America centuries ago. In this video interview, Ed Stetzer shares why the heritage of church planting is essential to reclaim, and why Wesleyans are specially positioned to do so in America.

The Wesleyan movement is rich with a history of church planting. In Part II of our video interview with Ed Stetzer, he suggests 3 lessons to remember from our history if the Wesleyan-Methodist movement is to recapture its vision for planting churches in the 21st century.

Which group of Christians finds the highest approval rating in the US? It might just be that these warm-hearted people are in the best position to preach their warm-hearted gospel. Watch Part III of our interview on church planting with Ed Stetzer.

Many pastors sense a call to get involved in church planting, but the next steps can often feel overwhelming. In this Seven Minute Seminary, Ed Stetzer offers a 5 step guide for those pastors called to plant churches. They include: pre-assessment, assessment, boot camp, coaching, reproduction plan.

In the final video of our interview with Ed Stetzer, he discusses why Francis Asbury served as a role model for church planting. Stetzer suggests that part of it had to with the unique combination of missional impulse with deep spirituality. This was energized in part by a commitment to the class meeting.

In light of recent events in Iraq, we're running the full interview of our time with the Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White. Rev. Canon Andrew White shares how he ended up in Baghdad and offers helpful insight into what church life looks like in hostile environments. Remember to pray for the global church, especially those who worship and serve in hostile areas.

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