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Seven Seasons of Church Planting

It’s important to recognize the natural seasons of church planting in order to be faithful to the biblical great commission. Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video by William Chaney of Path1 ministries.

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The Church and Dunbar’s Number

How large should your church be? Silly question, you say. Depending on your theology or worldview, you might add: * Large as possible! Bigger is better! * That’s up to God! * I’m shooting for

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Making Disciples in Diverse Communities

In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Efrem Smith challenges the church to rise up to the wonderful opportunity to create multi-ethnic churches that reflect the beautiful diversity of the coming kingdom of God.

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Making Room for Community

One of the most important and often difficult aspects of church planting is creating community. Adam Knight shares some timely wisdom on accomplishing this task.

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