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Does the journey in front of you seem impossible? David Goss shares how God is faithful to keep our feet on stable ground despite hardship.

Sometimes it seems like there is a division between "regular" pastors and church planters. Winfield Bevins shares how all the parts are necessary and that every church is intertwined as part of the global Body of Christ.

Branding your church plant can be so much more than just a cheap gimmick. Cory Doiron shares why he loves branding churches and how it can be crucial to staying true to our mission.

In church planting, if we are to be successful, people need to feel welcome and feel a sense of belonging there. Jacob Mathew shares three small, but highly significant things you can attend to in order to be more effective at reaching all people.

To be a church planter or not to be a church planter? Should you take that shiny job offer or stick to the plan? AJ Thomas weighs in.

Thinking about church planting? Caution: There will be people who hurt you. Church planting hurts. AJ Thomas shares advice that will help.

What do you think the mission of a church plant is? Aaron Perry shares how our idea of mission needs to shift when considering a church plant.

What does the Nicene Council have to do with church planting? AJ Thomas discusses responsibility and direction in church planting.

Brittany Jolly shares five characteristics of churches that multiply.

Is there a best way for handling employees in ministry? Deb Rice shares best practices for handling human resources in the church.

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