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I see five promising signs of hope as the world enters 2015. Also a few maybes. Any optimism must be tempered by the now-present reality...

Should Christians support welfare for the rich? It might make sense. If the rich get richer, everyone benefits. Pour water into a cup long enough...

In Ephesians Paul speaks of “principalities and powers” (KJV), or “rulers and authorities” (NRSV). In Ephesians 3:10 Paul writes that God’s plan is that “through...

  In the Gospel of John, Jesus says he came to “finish the work” the Father had sent him to do. He prays that his...

John Wesley said God’s providence is a key Christian truth. “There is scarce any doctrine in the whole compass of revelation which is of...

In short, we need more Arminians with an edge. These are Arminians who understand that the claims of Calvinism and Arminianism are mutually exclusive, and they cannot both be right. They understand that there are important issues at stake and that there are large practical implications. Not the least of these is the very character and love of God. Does God truly love all persons, and do we have a gospel of good news for all persons?

The sovereignty of God is a vitally important truth Wesleyans badly need to recover. This is not only because it is crucial for understanding the biblical drama, but also because many Wesleyans have tended to neglect it because Calvinists often give the impression that it is one of their distinctive doctrines. But the sovereignty of God is not a Calvinist doctrine, it is a biblical doctrine, and no one who wants to be faithful to Scripture can afford to ignore or downplay this great truth.

"Now some Calvinists clearly understand the logic of their position, and do not shrink from this implication. Classic Calvinist theologian Arthur W. Pink wrote: 'when we say God is sovereign in the exercise of His love, we mean that He loves whom He chooses. God does not love everybody.'”

I think the deepest appeal of Wesleyan theology is that is heartily affirms a God who is truly good and sincerely loves all persons. God does not determine, God empowers, enables, encourages. And the message that God loves us and wants to empower us to love him back, as well as each other is a message of great hope. No one has been “passed over” or determined by God for eternal misery and damnation. To the contrary, there is hope for everyone, and the resources of grace are available to transform even those persons who may seem most hopeless in our eyes.

I’m a Wesleyan. Always have been, always will be. However, as I look across the landscape of American evangelicalism, it’s hard to escape the...

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