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So I’m back in Israel, with students from Asbury Theological Seminary, and we’re soaking up the experience of studying the Bible “on location” at Jerusalem University College. So many things now are familiar, so many

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Good Night, Hezekiah

So it’s my last day in Israel. I leave late Monday night, but Monday will be spent with sorting, organizing, giving away, packing, weighing, re-packing…obsessing and fretting over departure. So today was really my last

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A Cat Named Hezekiah

I have developed an obsession. For so long, I’ve watched Jews venerate the Western Wall. They touch it, cry at it, stuff paper prayer requests in the stones, they believe it is the constant center

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One Hill, Two Kings

It’s hard to miss it. I have seen “Gibeah of Saul” (aka Tell el-Ful) many times. Typically I spy it from the roof of Nebi Samwil, the mosque-and-synagogue marking the traditional tomb of the prophet

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No Neutral Ground

I am not the most traveled person you ever met, though I’ve been to a good many places. I probably don’t have the authority to say this, but I will. I have seen a good

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The Lifeline

For those that don’t already know, I am spending the fall semester in Jerusalem, on sabbatical from Asbury Theological Seminary. I’m launching work on a commentary on the book of Joshua and am a Visiting

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