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Insights for Picking a Venue (Episode 20)

Where should your church plant meet? Where is the prime location for you? Join Dr. Ed Love, National Director for Church Multiplication of the Wesleyan Church to hear about the nuts and bolts of selecting a church plant location.

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Moving On (Episode 15)

What would you say on your last Sunday at your church plant? Listen in as Adam Knight shares his final sermon. You will hear the heart of a church planter speaking life, identity, and even helping to shape the future as his time of ministry comes to an end at a church he planted.

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The Future for Empty Churches (Episode 10)

Join Graham Singh, Executive Director of Church Planting Canada, as he shares how empty churches provide opportunities for church plants and how the church can be part of the “urban trinity,” cooperating with police and municipalities.

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No Size Fits All (Episode 9)

Church planting comes in all forms. Listen in as Winfield Bevins discusses his own story in church planting, including losing two core members after six months, establishing a national church planting network, and writing, Plant: A Sower’s Guide to Church Planting.

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