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Steve Seamands encourages us to ask the ascended Christ to send the Holy Spirit upon you so that you can join him in participating in his mission.

If Jesus Christ is now engaged in this high priestly work of intercession on our behalf and on behalf of the world, it stands to reason that we too will also find ourselves joining him in that work.

Psalm 82 is a counter-cultural proclamation of justice and judgment. It is a prayer that the values of God’s kingdom will manifest in our world.

Here prayer is put on its highest level—every prayer prayed in the spirit of Jesus is answered.

People of faith may experience crises when their understanding of God’s goodness does not match their experiences of life.

Putting our hope in the living God is foundational for the life of faith. Read more from Brian Russell as he walks us through Psalm 42.

Listening and giving God a chance to speak isn’t just good advice. It’s necessary and vital to having a true conversation with God.

Why is prayer important in our daily rhythms of discipleship? Andrew Thompson shares its significance and three simple tips on how to make it a daily, life-giving routine.

In this Seven Minute Seminary, Caleb Friedeman works through the ancient Jewish background behind the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray and helps us understand the meaning of Jesus' reference to God as Father.

Watch as Pete Greig prays for awakening in the church and in the nation in today's video clip from New Room Conference 2016.

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