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Have you ever wanted a way to intentionally track your prayer life and count the ways the Lord answers you? Heather Butler tells about a prayer wall that changed her family's prayer life.

Do you often experience people randomly telling you their entire life story? If there is an empty seat next to you, do people always seem to sit down and start talking? Do others often tell you their faith stories without necessarily being prompted? You may want to read this post! Laura Beach gives an explanation of what a Spiritual Director is and what they do, and she offers a great opportunity for training.

What actually happened when the first humans ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Our friend, Duke Walker, shares some interesting insights into the dynamics of the fall and the damage it has caused every single moment since, including our damaging choice to pridefully condemn one another.

Even when we pray for God to help us love someone, are we not really praying for God to change that person and make him or her easier to love? But what if I am the one in need of a change? Patricia Taylor shares insight on loving others in the midst of disagreement.

We are always told that we need to be forgiving. What in the world is forgiveness anyway? Patricia Taylor shares what she has learned about what forgiveness is, what it isn't, and how it works.

Are you a human being, or are you a human doing? What about a human meeting? Duke Walker shares his thoughts on loving and being loved in Christ in the context of community, and how this more accurately reflects the Trinity.

There are so many graphic images in the media and frightening talk about things happening all around the world. How do we use this age of terrorism as an opportunity to disciple our children? Every family is different. There is no one-size-fits-all response. Your response must be fitting for your family. However, there are ways to talk about terrorism that shed the Light of Christ on the subject. Ellen Martin shares wisdom on how to talk about terrorism from a Christian framework.

Happy Mother's Day. We thank God for the mothers who gave us life. In today's post, read a prayer for every kind of mother or person affected by motherhood. Also, enjoy the link to a PDF that reflects on the sensitive aspects related to motherhood.

In a world that is increasingly loud and hard, ministers can lead worship experiences of quiet where we find a soft place to land in the love of God through Christ Jesus. Read more today from Laura Beach on the importance of guided times of lament and grief in worship.

Sabbath prayer is like a tree in winter, resting as it remains planted near streams of living water. Coming out of Sabbath prayer is like a tree in spring, at the weakest point of the branches emerge the miracle of the bud. Laura Beach leads us through a Sabbath prayer.

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