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Predestination and God's Sovereignty

Beginning in the early days of the Methodist Revival, John Wesley’s position on predestination became a controversial issue.  His friend and partner in ministry George Whitefield was a staunch Calvinist, which meant that he believed

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The Recent Problem of Theological Hubris

History is marked by much unwarranted polemicism in the church. In this article, Dr. Ken Werlein calls on the church to exercise theological humility and charity in working alongside one another for the gospel.

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Predestination Second—Love First!

In discussions about predestination, it is often wrongly assumed that the issue is about free will and a person’s ability to choose God. On the contrary, what John Wesley understood was that the central issue is the character of God. Read this post from Howard Snyder on why love should be at the forefront of this theological discussion.

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