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Christianity Is More Like a Path Than a Box

Do you understand the Christian faith to be more like a path, a circus, or a box? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Mark Ongley challenges our notions of grace and the metaphors we use to express our relationship with God.

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Why Faith-Filled Depression is Better Than Pseudo-Holy Hope

What does a person really need when they are walking through a dark time? Duke Walker shares wisdom that faith-filled depression is better than pseudo-holy hope. Christian faith in the midst of depression is a faith that is grounded in the unchanging nature of God. This is the faith that walks through the valley with the knowledge that God goes with us. To hope for anything else is idolatry and contributes to the depth of despair rather than lifting one out of it.

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CEU Opportunity: Mental Illness and Recovery

Recovery from hospitalizations due to mental illness is a difficult road to travel. Having a team and support system that consists of adequately trained people is a must. Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University are offering a training opportunity for students and clinicians. Read more about it here.

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Jesus, Please Lead Me to Wholeness

When we delve into the depths of our inner pain, we can surely expect the temptation to stop the process. After all, pain is never pleasant, and most of our lives, we avoid it at all costs. But, what if the path to healing is found in walking through the pain to get to the other side? Kathy Milans shares encouragement in the journey toward victory in inner healing.

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