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A Poem for Pentecost

He said be And everything became so And in the amount of time it took for breath to pass through lips A universe boomed, and stars sparked, and worlds began to exist And all became

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Revival amidst Riots

Revive us, Abba Tell the dead to try again Reshape us, Abba Point our pasts to where they end Respond to us, oh Lord We need to hear the words You say Remake us, oh

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Prayer Against Racial Divides

We are one in the Spirit There are no colors on our souls No pigments that have seeped deep enough to breach       the depths of our hearts For we were all born from the

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2020 Is Here

Twenty-five years ago, some futurists foresaw a major global crisis arriving in about the year 2020. In 1995 I published EarthCurrents: The Struggle for the World’s Soul. The book discussed a variety of issues, including

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