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Sinclair Lewis Says It CAN Happen Here

Nobel Prize-winning author Sinclair Lewis was alarmed by the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. In 1931 his journalist wife had interviewed Hitler. Now it was 1935. Lewis decided he’d better write a novel warning

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A Brief Assessment of the Social Gospel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]An evaluation of the social gospel is not a simple matter. It provided a much-needed new awareness about complex social challenges facing newly industrialized America. However, it also had serious weaknesses as well, being influenced

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When Shark Tank Met the Church

What would happen if one church invested in those young people who want to change the world? Brian Jones shares his experience with his church partnering with social entrepreneurs to make the world better.

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Making Disciples in Diverse Communities

In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Efrem Smith challenges the church to rise up to the wonderful opportunity to create multi-ethnic churches that reflect the beautiful diversity of the coming kingdom of God.

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Entrepreneurship and the Local Church

In today’s video interview, Chris Horst encourages pastors to break the sacred-secular divide by helping congregants find spiritual meaning in every kind of work, not just as a means to another end.

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Where Racial Reconciliation Begins

Sometimes we really want to learn, to grow, to love. But, it can be hard to know how to start. Heather Celoria shares how to begin a life of self-awareness that roots out the evil of racism in our hearts.

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