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What Does Christian Retirement Look Like?

Sometimes when we move from work into retirement, the changes in lifestyle and schedule patterns can be tricky to navigate. What does it look like to have a vibrant faith and abundant life in the midst of the transition of aging? In today’s Aging and Spirituality Series video, Dr. J Ellsworth Kalas shares his perspective on retirement as a Christian.

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Donald Demaray: Aging and Spirituality

What spiritual possibilities exist in the difficult phase of aging? In today’s video interview, Dr. Donald Demaray speaks to us about sensitive issues like caring for a spouse with dementia, children having crises, and the grace involved in each process.

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Growing Older Without Growing Old: J. Ellsworth Kalas

What is the key to vibrant life and spirituality during the long years of life? In the first installment of the Soul Care Collective’s Aging and Spirituality Video Series, Dr. Ellsworth Kalas shares his secret to aging gracefully: growing older without having to grow old.

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