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Are you shattered? Is someone you love grieving or in need of healing? Sarah Damaska shares the beauty hidden in suffering and brokenness.

How does social change begin? Katie Bergman shares a story of how a small group of praying women began a journey of justice for the marginalized.

What is the role of sorrow in life? We all know it is unpleasant, and we want to avoid it at all costs. But, we need sorrow! Marilyn Elliott shares the benefits of sorrow and how it can open us up to real, authentic life which later leads to joy.

We often pretend that we know what is going on in the life of the church, but somewhere deep inside, we are wondering what in the world Lent is anyway! Patricia Taylor explains what this season of the church is, and why our souls desperately need what Lent has to offer.

With age comes wisdom, and older women have so much to offer the world. Marilyn Elliott talks about how their voices are so needed in the world and that their stories are not only a blessing to others, but the telling can also become healing in their own lives.

How can we find that elusive balance in our lives in this new year? Michelle Marx reflects on living life with a full cup.

Join Jeremy Steele and Brian Russell as they discuss the Psalms as both an emotional release and spiritual healing for the reader.

Do you remember that mean kid who bullied you in school? Sometimes it seems like we have those people in our lives as adults. Heather Butler shares four thoughts to help you handle the mean kid on the playground of life.

What is the shape of mercy, and what does it feel like in your hand? Andrew Eberhart shares a deeply formative moment as he learned the grace of the Jesus Prayer: "Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner."

What does it feel like to enter the brokenness of burnout, and how can you get out? Jenny Mullins shares rich imagery of broken cisterns and the Living Water that pulled her out of her trouble.

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