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As I reflect on my experience of being in seminary and how I have grown, I have come to realize that there existed a heart of divisiveness and spiritual superiority in me. I look back and feel the peace within me and thank God for showing me how to be humble and consider the differences I see in others as a good and beautiful gift from God.

In today's video post, Dr. J. Ellsworth Kalas explains the importance of loving others and loving yourself.

Are you comfortable sharing your truest doubts and fears? Megan Mulder shares how acceptance helped her gain the courage needed to heal.

"The good news is that beneath this wilderness is the creative Spirit of God beckoning us toward transformation." Kathy Milans encourages us to stay the course and walk through the wilderness with Christ, trading the discomfort for transformation.

How do you teach others to live free and care for their souls? Caroline Hare shares about being an example in walking out your faith.

Whether you are a clinical counselor, a pastor, or even just someone trying to care for your own soul, there will be something here for you.

Even when we pray for God to help us love someone, are we not really praying for God to change that person and make him or her easier to love? But what if I am the one in need of a change? Patricia Taylor shares insight on loving others in the midst of disagreement.

Will you sit with the helpless ones and hear their cries even if you are powerless to break through the walls that bind them? Will you sit and ache with them so they don’t suffer alone? Will you honor the cries that no one else hears and give validity to their pain? Will you face death with a tenacious hope that resurrection is always possible?

There is the Good News of the Gospel and then, there is the good news about ourselves. The good news about ourselves is that we are limited. We run out. We run out of our best efforts. Duke Walker shares his experience of coming to the end of himself, and how his failings brought him closer to God.

The invitation to remember the pain only for the sake of remembering is not the purpose. The purpose is to remember the Lord’s faithfulness amidst the pain. His consistency. His love—before, during, and after. It is for healing. And hope. And redemption.

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