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10 Holiness Leaders You Should Know

In the middle to late Nineteenth Century a group of Christians revitalized Wesley’s doctrine of entire sanctification and perfection in love. It was not a theological renaissance that took place in the halls of academia but a revival of experimental theology. They were the holiness movement, and here is a list of ten Holiness Christians everyone should know.

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Book Review: Junia is Not Alone (Do Women Belong in the Pulplit?)

Junia or Junias? One little letter makes a big difference in how Romans 16:7 is interpreted. The question this passage poses is one that has divided the church for decades – do women belong in the pulpit? Scot McKnight is shouting a resounding “YES!” with the publication of his ebook Junia is Not Alone.

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Women, Ministry, and Scripture (Part 2)

Should women be in leadership positions in the Church? Today Dr. Ben Witherington III offers scriptural support for women in leadership. He explains the “problem passages” and offers a Wesleyan perspective on the topic.

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Seedbed - Seven Minute Seminary

Women, Ministry, and Scripture

Here is Dr. Ben Witherington giving us a biblical perspective on women’s roles in ministry and in the family. He explains women’s roles in the first century world, how that changed once Jesus came along

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