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There is something even more important to your ministry than vision. Don’t get me wrong, vision matters. Vision matters a lot. In fact, it’s crucial. But vision on its own will simply leave you and your church frustrated. What could possibly be more important than vision? Alignment.

Some churches have ministry teams that are made up of multiple paid staff and others are solely compiled of volunteers, but no matter the size of the church if you are attempting to lead in ministry as a lone ranger then you are most likely headed for an early departure from ministry.

As youth ministry leaders, we have to stop taking things so personally — other leaders are not attacking your ministry. Connect with them and facilitate ways they can connect with your youth. Be respectful of everyone and help the youth be the leaders of the church.

I used to have a subscription to Netflix. When I cancelled my subscription, then the emails from Netflix to their lost sheep began. If one of our students begins to fade away, I believe Jesus is calling us to pursue that student with extraordinary love, the same way Jesus pursues us.

The problem is that a Wesleyan without sanctification is like a ship without a rudder. It is at the heart of how John Wesley understood the life of faith, and the piece of our tradition that has the most potential for transformation in the next generation. Understanding it is very important.

I have heard many ideas on how to recruit volunteers, and tried everything from catchy inserts to booths at ministry fairs to pleading from the pulpit, and all have had marginal results. Why? They are impersonal. When Jesus wanted to recruit, what did he do? He walked up to people and asked them to follow him.

Every salesman will tell you that getting turned down is a fact of life. It is the same with volunteer recruitment. However, you don’t have to give up immediately. Over the years, I have developed these responses to the most common volunteer objections.

Awkward Silence. That is the most common response to questions asked in Sunday School classes across the country, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some simple discussion tips that can get the lips of the students moving and their brains processing what is being taught!

“What exactly do you do?” As a youth pastor, I am often asked this question. Many people view my job as glorified baby-sitting. I...

When I talk with fellow youth pastors their views on interns vary. Some see interns as a blessing. Others see them as a curse. In my experience, I've learned a few things about working with ministry interns. Here are five practices I’ve picked up working with interns so that the relationship works for both of us.

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