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Instructions can introduce a new concept, can help our actions align with a goal, or even give us the confidence to put into practice the knowledge that is already in us. With one eye toward generating conversation in small groups, these are the ABCs we use for getting teens to talk.

So often we take traditions, songs, popular culture, or poems as what is true about Christmas. One of my favorite parts of working with students this time of year is exposing them to the facts of the Christ’s birth that they think they know. Here are five common misconceptions to share with your students as we journey through Advent.

In my first year of full time youth ministry, I was given the responsibility of being in charge of the planning and implementation of reach out events for youth. After lots of success numerically, as well as, fruit in students not only coming to the events but staying connected afterwards, I have seen reach events to be a wonderful way to grow a ministry and keep students rooted in the community of the church.

What creates longevity in volunteer youth leaders? Why do they stay at it when the average youth pastor only lasts a few years statistically? When looking at successful teams of long time volunteers, a few reasons rise to the top.

The local church is a family of faith, which makes us brothers and sisters in Christ. This means “the” youth are “our” youth … our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Underneath all the stuff, there are some basic fundamentals that all youth ministries must have. We get busy and focused on what we think we need to succeed and forget the basics. How are you doing with these musts of youth ministry? What are you missing and what would you add?

Is your student ministry focused on being attractional or transformational? Do you want to go wide and get a lot of kids? Or do you want to go deep and really teach and shape the students you have? Do we do silly events or evangelism? Water balloon fights or witnessing?

I want to transform fundraising into something that feels more like ministry and less like selling used cars. I know it enables students to be part of life-changing minsitry, but with the time and effort that most youth ministers put into fundriasing, there has to be a way to make it more than earning money to go on a trip.

“The worst part is ‘Christian’ parents are not setting faith as a priority and encouraging sports involvement at all costs”. This was one comment in a stream of rants from youth pastors saying what many have said for years, sports are the enemy of ministry.

A mentor of mine, who served for many years as a Senior Pastor, once gave me some advice on longevity in ministry. “I treat...

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