Chair Foosball

Chair Foosball

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Chair Foosball is a great last minute game or it is a good game for those rainy summer days at camp when you need to keep the students busy.  This game has no set up and our students have a blast playing it!

What you need:

26 Chairs

1 Rubber/Plastic Ball

The Set Up:

Set the 26 chairs up so they resemble the players on a foosball field, If you don’t have 26 players still set up 26 chairs and let them be obstacles.


The Rules:

  1. To start the game roll the ball through the middle of the field
  2. Students hit the ball with their hands
  3. When the ball passes any of the goalkeepers it’s a goal
  4. No standing! If the students can’t reach the ball then it’s a reset (Roll the ball down the middle of the field)
  5. After each goal students can change chairs
  6. Play until a team reaches the score limit. When we played it was first to 5 points and it took about 15 minutes for them to reach it.


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