Christian Faith Lives Somewhere Between Dogmatism and Doubt

What happens to faith when it becomes too dogmatic? What about the kind that slides into perpetual doubt? In this video, Josh McNall recommends we adopt a model of faith that lives somewhere in-between. This faith is true to the biblical stories from which it emerges, and to the nature of what’s actually humanly possible when it comes to our beliefs. It also allows people to express genuine questions while also affirming the story of a good God who, in Jesus Christ, is reconciling all of the world to himself.

Josh McNall is the author of Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements which you can order here. “The Bible can be daunting. It’s ancient, enormous, and sometimes challenging to understand. Long Story Short opens up the Christian Scriptures by sharing the biblical narrative in a way that requires no prior engagement with the Bible. It traces the big story of who God is and how he is saving the world through six simple movements: Creation; Fall, Israel; Jesus; Church; New Creation. With this framework in place, readers will not only understand how the little stories of the Bible fit together into a seamless whole, they will also be compelled to step into the drama to be part of its performance.”

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