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If your stewardship language and programs have grown stale, perhaps you can try to use new words.

There are three key factors when making decisions about how you want to capture your church service: 1) Lighting 2) Camera 3) Sound.

Learn from Ben Shaw about the basics for live streaming worship services.

Are you considering online giving? David King has the skinny on the pros and cons.

Have you ever had your congregation ask for your help in growing and being more welcoming? Would you know what to do if they did? Miriam Seyler shares her experience in helping a church learn hospitality.

Discipleship is key. But, how do we do it? Jonathan Kinney shares a helpful perspective.

How can something as small as a word become a tool that changes your entire life? Trey Carey explains the power of one word.

What would the leader of the Methodist movement say about the new year? Lee Stevenson shares John Wesley's thoughts on New Year's Day.

What can pedagogy teach us about writing and delivering a sermon? Ryan Korstange shares how thinking like a teacher can help your congregation get more on Sunday morning.

Aesthetics matter when communicating with others. Wes Wilcox shares some graphic design basics for church application.

Administration is all about paperwork and organization, right? Christine O'Brien shares why prayer is the most integral part.

Oftentimes, words utterly fail to explain the things of God. Teddy Ray shares why we should depict rather than describe.

What can something as worldly and commercialized as the iPhone teach the church? Samuel Ahn shares the strong impact of feeling like you're a part of a larger community and something that is bigger than yourself.

What can Job's story teach us about being friends to those who suffer? Patricia Smith shares her take on Job and friendship during times of crisis.