Cross Over Week 2: A Study on Joshua

Cross Over Week 2: A Study on Joshua

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We all have divine appointments and assignments from God.  The sooner we can discovery those, then the more fully we can walk those out in obedience. There is not a perfect time or circumstance for us, as people of God, to cross into what God has for us.  At some point, we have to trust the Lord and cross over.  Through this series, we will talk about stepping into our callings, conquering fears, and ultimately crossing over!  Joshua is a book positioned to talk about such topics, so we will be diving in there.

  1. Every week in small groups, we begin with “Pows and wows” or highs and lows of the week.  This gives students the opportunity to share, begin getting comfortable talking, and also for you to find out any prayer needs on the front end of the group time.
  1. Read Exodus 17:8-14; Numbers 11:28; Ex 24:12-13; Ex 32:17; Ex 33:11; Deut 1:37-38.  Based off of these scriptures, who is Joshua?
  1. Read Joshua 1:1-9 and Hebrews 13:5.  What is the promise given to Joshua?
  1. How does assurance of the Lord’s presence enable you to accept challenges?
  1. In Joshua 1:7, it says to be strong and courageous.  Why do people in spiritual leadership need to be strong and courageous?
  1. What is his mission?
  1. Read Joshua 1:10-15.  How is Joshua supposed to complete his mission?
  1. God gave Joshua a divine strategy to complete this mission.  We often talk about our callings and missions.  What are some divine strategies God has given you to complete in order for you to accomplish the missions?
  1. If you don’t have a divine strategy. How do you go about getting one?
  1. Read Joshua 1:8 again. In this scripture there is an if _________ then _________.  What is that? (If you know the Law and meditate on it… then your ways are prosperous.)
  1. Knowing that Joshua is a spiritual leader, why was it important for the people to listen to him?
  1. Why is unity so important to the success of a church and youth group?
  1. Pray as a group to end.


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