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The Seedbed Daily Text is a daily devotional used by thousands to engage with the word of God in a way that leads to transformation in their lives.
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The Peace of Christ is the Peace of the Cross, a place of unbridled chaos and unutterable pain intersected with the complete reverse of resurrection.

The Christian life is not about aspiring to better behavior but becoming abandoned to Jesus.

Compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience create the conditions where the Holy Spirit heals wounded people, mends broken relationships and reverses intractable situations.

In the Kingdom of God there are many distinctions between people but there is no difference.

Our old selves must be taken off, deconstructed, crucified, dead, and buried. This only happens when we dare to believe the gloriously beautiful truth about ourselves.

The cross always has a will of its own and it is always for God's glory and our good.

Condemned, cancelled sin can be so wiley and deceptive, and it can keep us shrouded in so much shame that we can't bear even the thought of opening up about it to someone else.

What we need are not more baptismal rituals and remembrances for the spiritually dead. What we need are more tombstones for the living.

I'm afraid we've gotten a lot better at delighting ourselves with restful morning devotions than we are at the movemental discipline of rigorous devotion.

We do not need rules. What we need is a Ruler. The Lordship of Jesus Christ has nothing to do with following the rules and everything to do with following the Ruler.

The mark of a spiritual person, in the tradition of Jesus, is not in some kind of super spirituality but in the holiness of their humanity.

Forms and rituals and motions can be good things until they become the main things, denying the dynamics they were created to cultivate.

We are not in debt because of our sins. We are in debt because of sin.

My faith in the working of God who raised Jesus from the dead must translate into my faith in the working of God who raised me from the dead.

The fundamental shift so desperately needed in our discipleship today is the movement from what we need God to do for us to moving out in faith on what God has already done.

This way is found in Jesus, who is our wisdom and who would lead us into a wisdom worthy of our highest love and most noble aspirations—indeed the very mind of Christ, the living way of the holy Cross.

This walk is by grace through faith. It doesn't begin with our activity, but our receptivity.

We must be generous in our posture toward others and yet we must also be discriminating about what we accept and embrace as orthodox teaching.

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