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Gospel of John Bible StudyThe OneBook Daily-Weekly: designed to be engaged by small groups, Sunday school classes, one-on-one discipleship approaches, and individual learners, the OneBook Daily-Weekly is a Bible learning resource for the long haul. Some groups flourish when committed to a lengthy, comprehensive study, while other groups connect best with a shorter, frequently changing material. This distinction is one of the major differences between OneBook’s Daily-Weekly and Biblical Journey resources.

Released in 12-week installments, each volume of the Daily-Weekly will be dedicated to a contiguous body of scripture, and each of the 12-week volumes will come from a different part of the Bible (i.e. Old Testament, Gospels, Wisdom, Epistles, etc.)

As the name suggests, the Daily-Weekly provides a passage of scripture each week, broken into five daily readings, with a sixth day for focused reflection and one day for weekly gathering. Each week will be accompanied by a seven- to ten-minute video teaching session from the author of the study.

Perhaps its most distinctive quality, the Daily-Weekly is robust in its biblical dependability and orthodoxy, but is written in a way that combines two previously divergent types of biblical publication — devotional and exegetical writings. Typical Bible-based devotional resources provide inspiration and life application, while commentary writing is the strict domain of scholarly biblical exegesis. The most popular studies presently available to the church inevitably reflect one or the other of these two dichotomous presentations.

Seedbed’s OneBook Bible Daily-Weekly, in contrast, aims to meld these two forms of content into a single narrative text that combines inspirational writing, life application, and biblical commentary. We’re calling this approach “a devotional commentary.”

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