Discipleship is Modeling Jesus to Others


Dietrich Bonhoeffer famously said, “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.” According to Jesus’ own words before he ascended to the Father, the central task of the church throughout the ages has been to make disciples in the pattern of Jesus. Somewhere along the road, the church got distracted by other programs and agendas. Much of the western decline, both as a culture and as the church, has its roots in this failure to follow through on the basic premise and promise of the gospel. The remedy for this malady is to recapture the transforming power of the gospel in the Holy Spirit, and to make this an integral part of the life of the church.

Watch this Seven Minute Seminary video with Mike Breen, a leader in the global missional movement, as he walks through three aspects of discipleship—information, imitation, and innovation.

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Mike Breen is an English church leader, minister, author and entrepreneur. Breen has been an innovator in leading missional churches throughout Europe and the United States.