Don Joy and the Importance of Family


How does the family system operate, and what happens when it doesn’t work the way it should? In today’s Soul Care Collective Aging and Spirituality Video, Dr. Don Joy explains how crucial the family system is in the development of a person’s emotional life, and what the consequences are when the family system is dysfunctional.


At 83, Dr. Joy says his vocation is to continue his pilgrimage of obedience to Jesus, celebrating each day as a gift. He enjoys coaching and learning from his great grandchildren. He celebrates interactions by e-mail [] and responds to friends and strangers, reconciling human experience with the Word of God. He is curious about an expanding frontier of "meaning making," consistent with the light of Creation and the suffering, death, and bodily resurrection of Jesus. He loves listening, asking questions, and celebration and thanksgiving prayer, especially through poetry and hymns and scripture song texts.