Donald Demaray: Aging and Spirituality


What spiritual possibilities exist in the difficult phase of aging? In today’s video interview, Dr. Donald Demaray speaks to us about sensitive issues like caring for a spouse with dementia, children having crises, and the grace involved in each process.

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Dr. Demaray is Professor Emeritus of Biblical Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary. For more on healing see his Seedbed book Love Heals: A Biblical Theology of Healing Ministry.


  1. Spirituality is a power to be awake of the aliveness that comes with our sensory and mental experiences. Spirituality always increases with time. As you age, if you start practicing the ways of spirituality, then your faith in its healing powers will also increase over the time. Spirituality is the medium that will make you happy and help you maintain in the materialistic world. In the stage of spirituality, fears of aging will disappear and its happiness will go through the deepest corners of your mind.

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