Steve Seamands’ Top Resources on Hell

Steve Seamands’ Top Resources on Hell

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With the release of Rob Bell’s Love Wins and the ensuing cyber storm online and now the flurry of books written in response, it is safe to say that interest in Hell has spiked over the last few months.  Hell has been a “hot” topic of late, to put it mildly.

As a professor of theology and doctrine, students regularly ask me for resources on the subject. Here are a few of the resources I share with them.

For starters, hands down the best book I know of on hell is entitled, Hell: The Logic of Damnation, by Jerry Walls, a long time friend and colleague.

Years back I ran across an essay in Eternity Magazine (no longer in publication) by L.A. King entitled, Hell, The Painful Refuge: An insight into the goodness and severity of God. Exploring Dante’s Inferno, King develops the idea of hell as a merciful “refuge” from God’s holy presence, which would be a far greater punishment for the damned to endure. I’ve included it in this post as a PDF download.

Finally I include a sermon published by my late father, Dr. David Seamands, entitled, “And the Door was Shut.” I think it is a good example of how hell can be honestly and helpfully handled from the pulpit. The Seedbed staff took the manuscript and shaped it into a “Seedbed Short.” Get it here as a complimentary digital download.  

I would love to engage with you in the comments following this post. What do you think of King’s essay? How does it connect or disconnect from your reading of Scripture? How are you dealing with hell in your ministry?


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  1. Hell sells and that is one of the reasons it exists. Read “23 Minutes in Hell” to get my drift. I have an unpublished book in PDF form I would give you if you ask and I can e-mail it to you.
    Ask for the book “Hell Hot Six” over 200 pages, a novel but has some things to get you thinking about hell.

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