Electricity: A Great No-Prep Game

Electricity: A Great No-Prep Game

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A game where holding hands in church is the key to taking the prize. For this no-prep game you need is a coin and a small object (whatever is handy).

Set up

Have students sit in two lines facing each other and holding hands, the longer the lines the more intense the game.  The leader is at one end with the coin and the small object is at the other.  One line is heads and the other is tails.

The game starts with the leader flipping the coin and showing it to the two students on the leader end of the line.  The student whose coin-side is flipped responds by squeezing the hand of the person next to them.  The squeeze is passed down the line until the person at the end grabs the small object. After the round is complete, the line rotates with the person next to the leader moving to the other end of the line.


  • The first student in line may only squeeze the hand next to them when they see their side of the coin.
  • First team to fully rotate back to the first player wins the game…or until you run out of time.

Adaption Ideas

  • Students can play blindfolded.
  • The small object can be “gross.”
  • When a team misfires and sends the squeeze incorrectly, have the end person come to the front of the line – essentially going backwards.


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