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“Empowered by John Wesley’s purpose of ‘speaking plain truth for plain people,’ Seedbed ministries has employed innovative strategies, using a diversity of media, to reach a remarkably broad population. With an incarnational theology energizing its entire ministry, Seedbed has not only fostered the Seven Minute Seminary but it has taken the gospel in places near and far, high and low, familiar and unfamiliar. I highly recommend it.”

“Seedbed is truly cutting-edge. It makes targeted, wise use of technology. Its resources range across enormously important topics. It puts a new generation in touch with Wesleyan sources old and new. It is exciting to watch this resource develop and edify the church. I love its rootedness and its reach.”

“Seedbed is a valuable resource. Our church gives Seedbed materials to first-time guests. I regularly use Seedbed downloads as teaching tools for leadership council and staff meetings. It is a gift to know where we can find materials to offer that we can trust to reflect our Wesleyan values. Seedbed offers me the gift of opportunity. As a pastor with a passion for writing, teaching and preaching, I am grateful for a partner in ministry willing to work together with me to produce Wesleyan materials and offer them to a wider audience than I could reach on my own.”

“Seedbed is helping fill a valuable niche in the publishing world today. By offering books in which scholars interact with the real-world questions and experiences of the church, it is an integrative force that brings together academic reflection and practical know-how in a way that is accessible to the general public. Its clear commitment to the classical Christian faith guarantees that its books will remain true to the gospel even as they engage the tools of the academy.”

“I am very pleased to throw in my lot with Seedbed and excited about the prospects of ministry that will come from this alliance. Epic of Eden is essentially my soul on paper, so to be able to work with people who recognize the value and potential of this resource is a blessing. I am confident that the quality of the work that will emerge from Seedbed’s staff will render this resource accessible to a wide range of Christian leaders.”

“My Seedbed experience has been incredible. I use many Seedbed resources in our Student Ministry: 7-minute Seminary for my staff and student leaders; This We Believe and Creed for Confirmation; and we will be using Called as part of our Summer Intern curriculum. Our clergy team dubbed this years Confirmation class “the most theologically trained students ever received!” I am continue to see new and practical ways Seedbed resources will be used in the Student Ministries at University UMC.”

“In a world dominated by social media, electronic communications and 140 character messages, sound theology needs a versatile channel to play a vital role. Asbury Seminary’s Seedbed boldly steps into this world with timely and accessible publications, focused multi-media and targeted resources, backed by sound scholarship and saturated in a spirit of prayer. Seedbed is Asbury on fire.”

“If you are looking for a resource that expresses the gospel in the Wesleyan spirit that hash a balanced approach of grace and truth, of God’s mercy and personal holiness, visit Seedbed and I think you will be pleased.”

“For a number of years at Asbury Theological Seminary, several of us dreamed of finding ways to export the treasures found within our community to the greater world. We knew the Church at large would benefit from the rich teaching and transformational discipleship found at the seminary, but we didn’t quite know how to best leverage all of that. Then the Lord implanted in JD the vision of Seedbed! A global movement was born to help give access to laity and pastors alike the equipment and encouragement they need for faithful ministry in Jesus’ name.”

“Seedbed is not only state-of-the art innovation; it is an important expanded window—indeed, a whole set of windows—showcasing the ongoing good work of Asbury. I see it as a global broadcasting of the Good Seed of the Kingdom and a stimulus for wider discovery of the riches and relevance of the Wesleyan heritage.”

“Seedbed has served me so well as a local church pastor with resources for this past Easter and Lenten season. It was transformative for my people with ripples of blessing still being felt months later!”

“Seeded is long overdue. It is finally allowing Asbury Theological Seminary to provide Christian leaders and alumni with sound Wesleyan sources and information on a wide-range of subjects. It’s also helping us to bridge the gap between the academy and the local church. Wherever I travel now, I run into pastors and alumni who tell me how vital and helpful it has been to them.”

“Of the many creative and innovative ventures Asbury has undertaken since I arrived in 1995, certainly one of the most important of these has been Seedbed, an attempt to provide all sorts of online and in print resources for clergy and laity and the general public who so desperately need this sort of hope in an increasingly post-Christian culture. If the job of any good seminary is to equip the saints for ministry, Seedbed is an essential means of that equipping.”

“I am excited about the work of Seedbed to this point and anticipate its influence growing as Asbury positions itself to make maximum impact around the world through media and print on demand technology. Seedbed captures the spirit of the Wesleyan movement’s mission to spread Scriptural holiness by providing Wesleyan-Arminian-Holiness resources directly to leaders, laity, and the world.”

“I am very encouraged by all the great work Seedbed is doing. Our church is in a season of pretty good growth right now. I believe a lot of the growth is from the fact that we are offering a thoroughly historic Wesleyan/Methodist perspective in a town that is inundated with the typical broad evangelical perspective that pretty much stops at justification by grace through faith. Your resources are constantly helping me stay on track. Thanks!”

“I turn to Seedbed often as I read blogs and use the many resources available. As a missionary I desire to stay connected to the teachings and to the resources available for my personal growth and so that I can, in turn, share with others around the world. I have used many resources as I teach in my Bible college classroom and preach wherever I go. Seedbed is an impressive array of tools and resources that constantly teach and minister to me and to others. As Wesleyan-Arminians we must remain rooted in holiness. Seedbed offers the opportunity to grow in our holiness. I’m thankful for this website and all that it offers from so many talented and faithful people.”

“You have not heard my name nor have you been to my town. As the pastor of a small town church, finding resources that are excellent in theology, practical for ministry, and accessible to the whole church are not easy to come by. Seedbed has been a partner in my ministry by bringing me tools and resources that I can really use in ministry. The articles, books, and other resources have spoken to me, instructing my faith and have done the same for the people of my congregation.”

“In life and ministry, community is vital and Seedbed is creating community. Through theologically relevant resources and conversations, Seedbed has made space where like-minded men and women can talk about life in trenches, strengthen our witness, and grow in holy love. When you are drinking your coffee, Seedbed is where your browser needs to be.”

“Seedbed echoes the voice of John Wesley in the 21st century. It also echoes much of the fervor of Wesley along with his message of a powerful yet loving God. Given that much of the print and web world lends itself to a particular Christian worldview that is oftentimes in disagreement with the Wesleyan perspective, this voice provides a great balance for the church universal that seeks to incite the next passionate Great Awakening.

I have personally grown from the articles published here. I look forward to the videos and articles because I can count on an intelligent, passionate, and Biblically-centered word with a Wesleyan perspective. I find myself often sharing them on Facebook and with friends.

In fact, this site is one reason that I’ve yet to embrace the Calvinistic view of the world because it presents the beginnings of a true Wesleyan-style coherent theology. I am grateful to Seedbed in that respect, and very hopeful for continued growth and focus. I do not have the luxury of a seminary I can attend at where I am in life, so this site is one on my list that I used in place of that need! Thank you!”

“I am consistently both impressed, and blessed by what Seedbed does on a regular basis. It’s a breath of fresh air to have scholarly, deeply Wesleyan material at one’s finger tips. The genius of Seedbed lies in its ability to make such materials available and usable for anyone in the church. It may be in 20 years we will look back and target Seedbed as one of the main sources of renewal for our church.”

“Seedbed has planted seeds of renewal in my soul. It’s impacted my mind and my heart so that I might more faithfully be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around me. Every resource is rich with spirit inspired content for the academic, the pastor and the everyday person trying to make sense of theology in practice. It’s a resource worth opening and exploring everyday.”

“As the father of a pre-teen young lady and teenage young man, I have been looking for simple ways to discuss and implement the foundations of the Christian faith as a “means of grace” for family devotions. Having used the Lord’s Prayer, Apostles’ Creed, Psalms, and Scott McKnight’s The Jesus Creed for a couple of years now, I was looking for a grace filled, simple, orthodox booklet to help explain and deepen my family’s understanding of these key Christian prayers and confessions. I have found Seedbed’s booklets to be the perfect answer to that need. In 2014, our family will read and discuss Timothy Tennent’s three books: “This We Believe!”, “Ten Words, Two Signs, One Prayer”, and “Thirty Questions.” My goal is to strengthen my family’s faith and deepen my children’s understanding of their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ as they prepare for high school, college and life. I am thankful for Seedbed’s vision for the Kingdom and for producing just helpful resources.”

“Seedbed is a rich resource for materials which we recommend to our students. It also serves as a resource for faculty who are preparing materials for our students. We are thankful for the work of Seedbed and what it contributes to the growth of the worldwide kingdom of God.”

“The work of Seedbed is a hopeful sign for those of us seeking to cultivate American soil with the seeds of discipleship, particularly seeds with a Wesleyan genetic makeup!”

“Seedbed has been such an incredible blessing in my life. I’m on the site everyday with something. It helps me do my job better-associate campus minister at MSU Wesley. Keep sowing seeds. It’s working.”


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