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Sample The Studies

The below video and discussion guide represent the first week of both Epic of Eden video studies by Sandra Richter.

How does this series work? The study involves two components. The first is a set of filmed, approximately 20-30 minute sessions with Dr. Sandra Richter (available as a DVD or through streaming over the internet), and the second is a study guide for each of your group members. This workbook includes five individual studies per week, to be done at home. The idea is that each member will be working at home at their own pace, doing as much or as little as schedules permit. Once per week your group will gather to view the filmed study, talk about the individual work from the week, and focus on some group discussion questions. Let the adventure begin!

The Epic of Eden Video Study

Sample the first week from The Epic of Eden workbook.

The Epic of Eden: Isaiah

Sample the first week from The Epic of Eden: Isaiah workbook.