How Evangelism Relates to Discipleship

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How does evangelism relate to discipleship? In today’s Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Andrew C. Thompson explains that Christian evangelism goes beyond proclamation and should be understood as a rite of initiation and entrance into the means of grace.

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Dr. Andrew C. Thompson is a pastor, teacher, and scholar in the United Methodist Church. He is an award-winning author and frequent speaker, focusing on the thought of John Wesley, the history of Methodism, and contemporary Wesleyan theology. Andrew is an ordained minister and has served pastoral appointments in Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. He currently serves as the senior pastor of First United Methodist Church in Springdale, Arkansas. Previously he taught for four years on the faculty of Memphis Theological Seminary in Memphis, Tennessee.


  1. Of course evangelism does not stand alone. And of course conversion must be followed by discipleship if those won to Christ are to grow in Christ. Less apparent is the necessary discipline that must carried out. The idea that one must submit to authority is a hard sell in this post-modern era which assumes the privilege of the individual over all else.