Fanuary: a wild game of zombies, clothing and strategy

Fanuary: a wild game of zombies, clothing and strategy

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123947073smallWhat do zombies, colored clothing, and placement strategy have in common? Fanuary! Get ready to take the game of tag to the next level at your next youth meeting. Fanuary is a game where runners try their best to cross to the other side without getting tagged.

Setup: Create a rectangular field with cones or other method and select a tagger and a host, and get all the players to stand on  both of the short sides of the field facing each other.

To make it simple for students to understand, give them these rules:

  1. Boys start on one side of the field, and girls start on the other side.
  2. If I call out a color that is visible on your clothing, you must run across without getting tagged.
  3. If you are tagged or you run out of bounds, you are out.
  4. If you are selected as a zombie, you cannot move your feet once you have been placed.
  5. The winner will be hailed as the reigning champion of Fanuary (and maybe get a cookie)!

Picture 1

The host of the game will then shout one color at a time, and if that color is visible on the runner’s clothing (including shoes, bracelets, hats, etc), they must run to the opposite side.

Picture 2

If they are tagged or run out of bounds, they are out and stand on the long side. If the game host shouts FANUARY, every player must run across! When about half of the players have been tagged, the tagger is able to choose a player to be a zombie! Zombies are also taggers, but once the primary tagger has told them where to stand, they cannot move their feet. Runners will have to avoid the tagger and dodge the zombies.

Picture 3

As the game leader, you get to choose how many zombies the tagger can use. The primary tagger can move the zombies in between runs and use strategy when placing the zombies on the field working for a Zombie Apocalypse.

Picture 4



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