Getting Smarter about Evangelism in the 21st Century


How can the church get smarter about how it reaches our culture with the gospel? In order to effectively communicate the good news as a Christian evangelist, Dr. David Durst suggests that we first take into account everyone’s unique stories and backgrounds. Based on Paul Jones’ Theological Worlds: Understanding the Alternative Rhythms of Christian Belief, he offers special ways to connect the truth about Jesus to the special interests and profiles of every person.

The five theological worlds (profiles):
1. The fugitive
2. The faint
3. The foreigner
4. The fighter
5. The flat

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Dr. David Durst is a Campus Director for the Wesleyan Seminary Foundation of the Wesleyan Church. He has developed a unique evangelism method called Five Worlds Evangelism which takes into account the individual backgrounds of people we encounter.


  1. David- Just listened to this and appreciate how it’s simple and yet rings true. I will share this with my church staff and leaders in Omaha NE. I will also pass this on to my brother, Dan Todd, who has just moved to Olean NY to be the pastor at the Wesleyan Church there. If you ever have a reason, look him up! Thanks. -Steve Todd