God Must Love Me


It was an unlikely meeting. I am a 32 year-old wife, mother of two, living in a well-established neighborhood. She is a 52 year-old single, recovering drug and alcohol addict. Her name is Barb.

I was in downtown Lexington, visiting with Rosario Picardo at  Embrace Church. He introduced me to her outside the building. We said hello, shook hands and both went our separate ways. I was headed inside to interview Rosario about his new book and she was headed to work at Embrace’s clothing bank. Little did I know that within the hour, she would share a story with me that would teach me a lesson I will never forget.

This is why we love Embrace Church. It is a church filled with stories like this one. We would love it if you download the digital version of the Embrace story. Every Sunday we’ll feature stories of what God is doing through the Church.