Hiring Youth Staff (Episode 18)

Hiring Youth Staff (Episode 18)

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Every church has a different process for hiring new staff. Get some tips on making this process simpler.

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One Response

  1. I’m three months into a new ministry position that I absolutely love, and had a two things that I thought I’d share.
    1. I’d encourage (beg) anyone in a hiring position to communicate with those you’ve interviewed (phone, Skype, or face to face) that you’ve decided not to hire. I can’t begin to describe the frustration of having an interview and then hearing nothing until you see their new hire on their church website. Many people pursuing a ministry position pursue just one or two churches at a time, and may be turning down interview opportunities while waiting to hear from a church that’s already moved on to hiring someone else.
    2. Take into account how far they’re traveling and what their circumstances are when it comes to how they dress for their interview. My mindset has always been to dress up, but when I interviewed at the church I’m at now I flew from Ohio to Florida on a Saturday morning, and was back home by Sunday afternoon (I was working six days a week and going to school full time). Without me bringing it up the search committee encouraged me to wear jeans or shorts and a t-shirt, since they knew I would be coming straight to the interview from the airport. That was so reassuring and comforting that I wouldn’t have to change clothes at a rest stop (or fly in dress pants that would surely end up wrinkled), that it put me at ease, and told me a lot about the church.

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