How the Gospel Is Sown Across Asia


How is the gospel sown across Asia? Both indigenous and Western Christian missionaries to Asian countries must grapple with how the gospel is sown and lived out in unique cultural contexts. In this Seven Minute Seminary, Dr. Adonis Abelard O. Gorospe offers several angles to consider when reflecting on global Christianity and missionary efforts in Asia.

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  1. As a missionary in Asia, I agree with all that Dr. Gorospe stated in his talk on sharing the gospel in Asia. He mentioned the poverty in Asia which is an overwhelming problem in countries like the Philippines, India, and Southeast Asia. But he didn’t mention the affluence in countries like Japan, Korea, and Taiwan where people are so self-sufficient with their high level of education, high paying jobs, and high standard of living that they see no need for anything else. These cultures are many times more difficult to reach than the poor. Their spiritual poverty is greater than that of the poor who are more open to the gospel message. As he stated the Asian continent is so diverse in culture, language, standard of living, educational level, and religion, but we are finding the simple gospel message presented in the power of the Holy Spirit by transformed men and women is reaching many across the continent today.

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