It’s an Icebreaker …Get it?!

It’s an Icebreaker …Get it?!

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There is only one way to improve the typical ice breaker: add ice… and puns. We’ll leave the punny title to you, but this icebreaker is a lot of fun and no-prep!

Have students sit in a circle and choose who will be the first icebreaker. Once the first person is ready, they cup their hands and the leader fills their hands with ice. At that point they have to answer all of the following questions before proceeding:

What is a good movie?
What is something you think is fun?
What is something you never want to do?

After the person holding the ice answers all the questions, they pass the ice to the person on their right WITHOUT DROPPING ANY. From there they repeat the process until everyone has answered the questions. If a single piece of ice (liquid water doesn’t count) hits the ground, the game starts over from the first person, and everyone has to come up with new answers.

If you have an ice-tolerant group, or just want to keep the cold fun going, try these modifications:

  1. Have students count to ten before they begin
  2. Have students give two answers per question
  3. Have students answer each question and its opposite (what is a good movie? AND What is a bad movie?)

Cup of Ice


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