If Bible Stories Had Click-bait Titles


The Reddit community r/Christianity, of which I am a part, had a fun discussion the other day and I thought it would be great to share some of the top responses to the question “If the Bible Had Click-Bait Titles, What Would They Be?” Thanks to the group for the creativity!

And, of course, feel free to use these for sermon bait too!

1. This snake talked to the woman. What happened next will totally shock you! (Genesis 3)

2. 613 simple tips to keep your deity happy! (see, the Torah)

3. Jesus of Nazareth seen spitting on blind man! (Mark 8.23, John 9.6)

4. Man gets swallowed by giant fish, lives to tell about it! (Jonah 1.17-2.10)

5. You’ll never believe what this donkey said! (Numbers 22.21-39)

6. Stuttering Prophet reveals 10 controversial tips to everlasting life (number 7 will shock you!) (Exodus 20)

7. New Miracle Cures: Doctors Hate Him! (See, the Gospels)

8. Man Claims to Survive on Nothing But Locusts and Honey! (Matthew 3.4)

9. This man just found out his fiancee is having a baby—and he’s not the father! (Matthew 1.18-25,

10. Follow this one weird trick for Salvation! (John 3.16)

What titles would you add?


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