In Honor of Ichthus, Here's Some Links You'll Love

In Honor of Ichthus, Here's Some Links You'll Love

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Ichthus is just two days away!

For those who don’t know, the Seedbed studios are nestled between the horse farms and rolling hills of Wilmore, Kentucky, which coincidentally is also the home of the Ichthus Music Festival. It’s the biggest Christian music festival in the country and preparations are underway as the city braces for tens of thousands of people to descend on Wilmore.



Myself and the Seedbed video guy, Ryan, will be there to interview several of the artists. We will also be giving away free Seedbed t-shirts (yay!) to anyone who finds us on the festival grounds and has a wierd skill or talent. We’ll also accept impersonations of performing artists or singing skills. Seedbed will also have a booth where you can purchase some awesome resources.

When I think of Ichthus, I think of two things: youth groups and music. So in honor of Ichthus and all who plan to attend, here are some links we know (hope) you’ll love.

Why Youth Ministries Are Not Working in America

Reigniting the Church’s Educational Ministry

Desperately Seeking Worship Pastors

SING edited by Julie Tennent (a FREE devotional through the Psalms!)

Surviving The Hunger Games (a FREE discussion guide/ teaching resource based off the national best selling book – great thing to go through with your youth group this week!)

N.T. Wright on Worship

Review of David Crowder Band’s Give us Rest or A Requiem Mass in C [The Happiest of all Keys]

Four Ways That Gungor’s “Ghosts Upon the Earth” is a Game-Changer

How 3 Popular Worship Leaders See the Holy Spirit Moving

7 Great Apps for Ministry and Life

5 Must-Have Resources for Pastors and Muscians on Worship Design

Social Media, Parenting and Tough Love

4 Steps Pastors Can Take to Kickstart the Worship Conversation

Social Wisdom for Social Media – Part 1

Are “Smart Phones” Making us Smarter?

9 Songs Your Young Worship Band Should Know

Motion Prayers

Throughout this week and through the end of June, look for more articles for youth ministers and worship pastors on Seedbed. Lots coming up on the Feed this week, so get ready – a Seven Minute Seminary will offer some insight into youth ministry, 8 Artists I Wouldn’t Miss at Ichthus, Top Games for Youth Groups, and lots more!

In honor of Ichthus (and all things music & youth ministry), what kinds of things do you want to see on the Feed this week?


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