Must See Links for Your Super Bowl Sunday


1. The Ampersand posts a convicting, “Prayer for Super Bowl Sunday,” taken out of Walter Brueggemann’s book, Prayers for Privileged People.

2. First Things offers a satire, “A Lost Chapter from Herodotus Concerning the Super Bowl,” poking fun at our seemingly religious devotion to football.

3. Desiring God offers a Calvinist take on this event, insisting that God does care who wins at the Super Bowl, but not in the way you’d expect.

4. Watching God writes up The Quiet Faith of Peyton Manning, in case you didn’t know one of the starting QBs is Christian.

5. Forbes offers 50 facts about Super Bowl 50, covering everything you need to know to walk into that Super Bowl party with confidence.

6. Tripp and Tyler shoot a video on Super Bowl party etiquette—fine tips on how not to be “that guy.”

7. Wired reports on how 3D printing is being used in the big game’s gear on some key players.

8. The Washington Post created an illustrated history of Super Bowl half time shows, comparing and contrasting performances.

9. Joe Carter examines some of the common myths heard concerning sex trafficking around the time of the Super Bowl.

10. The Washington Post reveals just how many calories Americans consume on Super Bowl Sunday.

11. NPR addresses Super Bowl commercials by asking how past ads stack up to the famous ads played during the game today.

12. Christianity Today ponders whether we loved the “God Made a Farmer” commercial a little too much.


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