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A 10-Week Study for ThoseĀ Unfamiliar With the Bible

bible study for beginners

The Bible can be an intimidating book, and very few people, even those who faithfully attend service each week and have heard countless sermons throughout their life, have a grasp of the big sweeping story. How does Genesis connect to Revelation? What does Jesus have to do with the Old Testament? Why is Leviticus even in there? What is the big idea?

Then there are the growing throngs of people who havenā€™t grown up in the church for whom the Bible is at best confusing and at worst completely intimidating. Because of their lack of experience with Scripture, they balk at entering a church-based Bible study for fear of their ignorance being exposed.

OneBook: Invitation, taught by Dr. Brian Russell, a professor of biblical interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida, presents a superior bible study for beginners and offers a gracious entry into the world and story of the Bible. (You can read an interview with him about the study here.)

Persons with some biblical exposure in their background will delight in the experience of seeing all the seemingly dislocated pieces come together into a powerfully integrated whole. Persons with no Bible background will feel respected by the accessibility of the approach and inspired by the richness of the teaching. All will walk away marveling at the brilliance of this book and the God who inspired it, while discovering a motivation and comfort level to delve deeper into study and learning.

Each week offers 30 minutes of video followed by group discussion around a prepared set of weekly lessons produced in a 144-page study book. It will be ideal for weekday Bible study sessions requiring approximately 90 minutes of meeting time.

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