Jesus and the Pre-frontal Cortex (or "your brain on jesus")

Jesus and the Pre-frontal Cortex (or "your brain on jesus")

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I’ve been reading a book over the last several months called, “Your Brain at Work: Strategies for overcoming distraction, regaining focus and working smarter all day long” by David Rock.


From extensive research and study, Rock contends the brain creates and recreates the mind. He focuses on the part of the brain known as the pre frontal cortex, the part of the brain that where priorities are established. This part of the brain consumes an inordinate amount of energy to do its work. He compares the prefrontal cortex to a very small stage and the problem is constantly switching the actors around. When we start off checking email and then move over to making a list of the priorities of the day and try to throw in some focused thinking about a problem and top it all off with an attempted blog post we diminish our brain’s potential to function in any kind of optimal fashion. In short, multi-tasking is the worst possible thing for the human brain.

The leading science of today is teaching us that it is attention itself that changes the brain.

“At rest, the brain is noisy and chaotic, like an orchestra warming up, a cacophony of sound. When you pay close attention to something, it’s like bringing the orchestra together to play a piece of music. Many neuroscientists now think of attention as being a type of synchrony, of the brain getting in tune and working as a unit. Synchrony is a technical word, which means that different neurons fire in similar ways at the same times.

An orchestra playing is a good metaphor for attention, as in both cases you have individual units now doing things in synch with other units. When you pay close attention to something, different maps across the brain start working together, copying from one another, forming a pattern as a unit.”  (p.224)

Neuroplasticity, the study of how the brain changes, is showing us the way we pay attention can change the very circuitry of the brain in a very short period of time. With patterned repetition of focus, profound change is possible.


The Apostle Paul was onto this. When he says things like, “Have the same mind in you that was in Christ Jesus,” I think he’s calling for a focused attention of the brain which leads to a transformation of the mind. The verses following literally tell the story through painting a picture of the life, death,  resurrection, ascension and second coming of the Son of God. Even better, the original hearers would have known this as a song. Paul calls us to make this the central consuming focus of our attention.

Later to the Hebrews he says, “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus. . .” (see ch. 11-12) To the Corinthian church he says, “For we who with unveiled faces all behold the glory of the Lord, as in a mirror, are being transformed into his likeness, from one degree of glory to the next and this is from the Lord, the Spirit.” (see 2 cor 3)

I’m beginning to think the field of neuroplasticity essentially says what Scripture seems to say, “We become what we behold.” This has tremendous implications for worship. What if the essence of discipleship is training the brain to serve the mind of Christ.

There’s a lot more to say along these lines and I will pick it back up next Saturday. Until then, I’d love to see the connections you are making from these thoughts. Let’s discuss in the comments.

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  1. Dear brother, Thanks for your invitation to discuss the subject of the brain and Jesus the Christ being the center of all things. After diligently studying the bible for over 52 years I now know the reign of Jesus the anointed is in the brain. The main focus of the Apostle Paul was to reveal the mystery of the good news to the entire world, yet very few know what that mystery is and what it is all about. The word Mystery is found 27 times in the K.J.V and that mystery boils down to my-story, or my- missed story which is the very foundation of the new testament. With out the understanding of what that Mystery is there is no power to live a pure life which gives freedom. Does it not say you shall know the truth, not believe but knowing the true way will set you free. Faith comes by diligently seeking, asking and knocking, there is no other way. Hebrews 11;6 & Matt. 7; 7-8 Just a few verses too meditate on. Mark 4:11 & Romans 16:25 & 1 Cor.2:7 & Eph. !:9 & 6:19 &Col. 2:2-3 &4:3 And finally Colossians 1:26-27 where Paul gives the answer to the Great Mystery which is Christ Jesus in you the hope of Glory. Too realize Jesus Christ is already in every person at birth but was but to death just as Abel was by Cain who killed him so the man of Faith- Abel no longer lived. Cain who at that point in time had no will to serve his creator. The man Cain, the outer carnal man began to perish day by day and will continue to do so until the man of faith who is able to do all things is resurrected in him. We all are born with the Cain and Abel nature contained within us. The twin brothers by natural birth. Please read 2 Cor.4; 11-16 & Eph. 3:15-21. Dear brother J.D. it is a physiological fact when you study the human brain and nerve system God created in man that Jesus Christ exist inside the human body. To me the Bible is a book of parables and dark sayings as stated in Psalms 78;1-4 and contains the secret of regeneration to the human body by the transforming of consciousness from the lower nature brain to the higher spiritual brain and from the left hemisphere to the right hemisphere where the Christ Jesus man is seated in power and glory. The brain stem is the main body that gives life to the entire being from within and to me is what Isaiah 11;1-3 is telling us. The rod out of the stem of Jesse with the septer and the branch is the complete brain stem through which all life to the body flows. The brain stem has 12 cranial nerves as helpers to supply the rest of the body to keep it alive, and healthy and relates to the 12 disciples . The more I study the physiology of man the clearer the bible becomes with understanding of what it is really all about, The king- dome which is your head and Jesus the anointed is in the head of the body, Calvary which means the place of the skull, your skull, where death, burial, and resurrection takes place. May you be blessed with Grace and peace and I hope you respond. James

  2. Wow thank James!! Our lord is powerful!! Thanks for sharing truth!! How amazing it is to learn something new about the Bible every time we read it!! 12 cranial relating to the 12 disciples how great is our god!!

  3. If, the function of the “mind of Christ” is to be out of tune to the chaos in the background and in tune with unity of the set apart spirit, then, it is our purpose to recognize the chaos in order to recognize it’s face. In doing so, we may choose to declare, “Our way is to destruction and a cleansed/renewed mind is to an abundance of life”. Our choice is to be removed from that chaos in the order toward hearing the voice of |God| and obeying. That, I know is true.
    Surely, there is a crucifixion in golgatha which we must examine in our life. If, to examine is to experience, then, our experience becomes a component of our perspective. Come to the cross, where sin is destroyed.

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