Jesus and the Stranger: The Church’s Call to Refugees and Immigrants (Part II)

Note: We asked Dr. Darrell Whiteman to present—in Seven Minute Seminary format—a recent lecture he gave at the American Bible Society. Though he is largely reading from a manuscript, the information is invaluable and worthy of a larger public audience.

What is the church’s call to refugees and immigrants? In part two of “Jesus and the Stranger,” (view Part I here) Dr. Darrell Whiteman shares three characteristics of responding to the refugee crisis from a missional perspective.

1. We must recognize that we are joining God’s mission.
2. We must remember that God’s Word is eternal, but the world is changing.
3. We must learn to listen more than we talk.

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  1. Very blessed to listen to these two videos. Many important lessons noted and I hope I remember and use them in my life as I serve Jesus.

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